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We offer a wide range of materials to help you succeed in language learning. You’ll find a rich set of audio materials, interactive exercises and much more to help you learn effectively.

7 languages

600+ modules

270+ audios

5 levels

900+ topics

1100+ exercises

Partners and subject matter experts

In developing the content materials, we cooperate with ILC International Language Centers, a prestigious school founded by Oxford Publication in 1969. Thanks to the partner’s support, we can ensure high substantive quality of our language courses. All materials are created under the watchful eye of language experts from the Vistula Academy of Finance and Business.


The courses are prepared in cooperation with: experts in the field of foreign language teaching, methodologists, native speakers and coordinators of individual fields of study. While creating the materials we based upon applicable curricula.


A1-C1 language levels. It's possible to adapt courses to individual needs to ensure effective learning and comprehensive language development.

High quality

A carefully planned structure with a clear division of developing each of the communication skill which includes: speaking, reading, writing and listening.


The modular structure of the platform allows teachers to freely choose the level or topic of the course which guarantees an individual approach to each student.


Compliance with the web content accessibility guidelines. Full support of navigation, reading, listening and interaction on the website as well as equal access to educational content for all users, regardless of their individual needs.


The Common European Framework of Reference for languages standard helps learners and teachers understand, assess and improve language skills as well as facilitates international communication and cooperation.

By far, the most student, teacher and staff friendly platform I have ever worked with. It supports both, students and myself in the teaching process as well as it saves tons of time when it comes to admin.
Ewa Currie
Deputy Director of the Foreign Languages Centre

Rubicon Language Solutions is an exceptional platform that offers comprehensive English courses tailored to individual proficiency levels. With interactive learning materials and personalized feedback, it provides an engaging and effective learning experience. It’s the gateway to enhancing English skills and unlocking endless opportunities.

Zofia M.Patoka
English lecturer

This course has exceeded my expectations as a remarkably user-friendly platform for English language learning. The modular system of courses offers flexibility and customization, allowing me to focus on specific language skills and topics. With its seamless accessibility and time-saving features, Rubicon has truly revolutionized the way I learn English.

Dorota Stowinska Student

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